Food Machinery chooses Aluminum Casting

15 Apr 2024

Food Production Equipment

This casting is a machinery component that dusts flavor and seasonings on America’s favorite snack foods. This machinery can be found in numerous food and beverage production facilities for well-known brands.

aluminum casting food equipment

Choosing a Supplier

The food equipment manufacturers were looking for low-maintenance, food-grade components for their custom machinery. So, they chose aluminum permanent mold casting with Batesville Products.

Why Aluminum for Food Equipment?

Aluminum is commonly used in food and beverage equipment. A356 is food-grade aluminum, safe for food processing equipment.

Aluminum is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, making aluminum castings known for durability and reliability.

Aluminum does not rust, making it last against the harsh environment, moisture, and chemicals of food production facilities. More finishes such as anodizing can be applied to further enhance its natural corrosion resistance.

Why Permanent Mold Casting?

The food equipment manufacturers chose permanent mold casting for its high-quality reputation.

Permanent mold castings are known to have less porosity than other casting methods. While high-porosity castings can leak food particles and germs inside the casting, low-porosity castings are more sanitary and low-maintenance. This makes permanent mold ideal for food and beverage equipment.

Because of their density and strength, permanent mold castings are trusted in all sorts of heavy-duty industrial applications.

casting method comparison chart

The manufacturing method also matched the engineers’ design, production, and ROI expectations. Parts between 1 and 100 pounds, moderately sized, with 0.18 inch walls and atypical geometry are well-suited for permanent mold casting. To get the best ROI, permanent mold casting is best suited for moderate volume production. For low volume (e.g. 100 pieces a year) sand casting is usually the best ROI. For high volume (e.g. 100,000 pieces a year) die casting is usually the best ROI.

Typical for the food and beverage industry, this component’s design and volume requirements hit the sweet spot for reaping all the benefits of permanent mold casting.

Durable and Reliable Food Production Machinery

By leveraging aluminum permanent mold casting, the customer produced durable, high-quality machinery.

And thanks to the reliable components of this equipment, our favorite snacks are perfectly coated in flavor!

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