• Huber Mount Type 300 Model D

    Huber Mount 300-D

    Type 300 Model D is known for its versatility and three-axis design.

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    Most popular!

  • Huber Mount Type 201 Model D

    Huber Mount 201-D

    Type 201 Model D is a moderate sized, all-purpose, two-axis mount.

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  • Huber Mount Type 196 Model D

    Huber Mount 196-D

    Upgrade to the two-axis Type 196 Model D when forces are too great for 159-P.

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  • Huber Mount Type 159 Model P

    Huber Mount 159-P

    Type 159 Model P is the ideal solution when quick disconnect is not required.

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  • Huber Mount Type 195 Model M

    More Mounts & Dovetails

    Explore 195-D, 195-M, 196-M, 200-D, and 560-A or order extra dovetail plates and mounting receptacles.

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  • Huber Mount Type 196 Model D


    Installation, use, and care for all Huber Mounts.

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How it Works

Our two and three axis designs make your mount versatile. Once you position it just right, the quick removable dovetail plate ensures your instrument can be attached, removed, and re-attached without losing your original target.

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