Celebrating 46 Years with Huber Industries

Starting in 1940s

Huber Industries started in Ohio in the 1940’s. The founder of Huber Industries, John Eugene Huber, was a great inventor. He designed hundreds of products in his lifetime, including the “Liquid Lifter Pump” and the well-known Huber Mounts.

Huber mounts were originally designed in the 1940’s for World War II aircrafts. Therefore, Huber Mounts were made to be study and rugged, yet lightweight and compact. The mounts were easy to use and versatile for all kinds of cameras and instruments.

Huber Mounts became one of Huber Industries best known products. From there, the inventor designed dozens of types and models.

Huber Mounts Patent

Dovetail Patent makes Huber Mounts stand out

Huber Mounts feature a patented DUPLEX-VEE-LOCK quick-disconnect dovetail. This system gives you the ability to quickly remove and replace instrument while maintaining the targeting position of the mount.

Used Across the World (and outside it too!)

You’ll find Huber Mounts in military bases, soccer games, the Greenwich Clock, and even outer space.

Huber Mounts are used for cameras, lasers, tracking devices, testing instruments, and more. They’re common in…

  • Security & Monitoring
  • Film & Photography
  • Machine Vision
  • Vision Systems & Line Inspection
  • Infrared
  • Military & Navy
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Digital Imaging
  • Bore Sighting & Scope
  • Sports Tracking & Simulation
  • Vehicle Testing & Crash Testing
  • Laboratories & Testing

Huber Mounts withstand high-G’s on aircrafts and crash vehicles, while maintaining high-precision on machine vision and smart tracking.

Huber Mount Type 195 Model M

How it’s made

Major parts of the mounts are high strength aluminum alloy castings with a black anodized finish. Batesville Products met Huber Mounts when they began supplying these aluminum castings.

Joining the Batesville Products family

In 1977, Batesville Products, a full-service aluminum casting manufacturer in south-eastern Indiana, acquired Huber Industries. Batesville Products still manufactures Huber Mounts today.

Upon joining with BPI, Huber Industries adopted the latest production technology to further enhance the strength and accuracy of all products.

Batesville Products, Inc. and Huber Industries share common values, vision, and a commitment to superior products and services. For over 46 years we’ve been putting these standards to work for you, and we look forward to many more years to come!

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