Gone are the days when machinists were in charge of coaxing the best results from their machines. The responsibility for quality machining is now shared between machinists and programmers.

At BPI we don’t look at machining as a separate process. To us, machining, as well as engineering and casting and finishing, are all part of the complete process of delivering quality aluminum and zinc castings to our customers. By planning the entire production sequence from the start, and integrating all the operations into one seamless flow, we’re able to reduce development time, material waste, and final cost.

Even though machining is but one part of what we do, we take pride in doing it well. Our skilled programmers and machinists use the latest CNC Turning Centers with full live tooling and both vertical and horizontal machining centers. Our Inspection department, with its precision CMM’s, confirms the accuracy of their efforts. One of the traits that carries over from the pre-digital age of machining is the pride we take in doing precision work. Of course not all of our customers’ products require extensive, intricate machining. At BPI, we tailor our processes to meet the need as spec’d by the customer.

The end result is that you can get the product you need from one source. No more shipping castings around from foundry to machine shop. We do it all, and we do it with care and precision. Call us today to discuss how we can put our integrated approach to work for you.

4-axis, high-tolerance machining centers
CNC Turning Centers with full live tooling