It’s ironic. Finishing is the last step in production, but it’s the first thing people notice about our cast aluminum products. Maybe it’s the satiny luster of a textured finish. Maybe it’s the brilliant gleam of a highly polished part, a finish that rivals chrome for its beauty but at a much lower cost and without chrome’s environmental issues.

A good finish is more than aesthetics. A good finish determines wear characteristics, slip resistance, and how well a cast aluminum part resists the ravages of wind-driven grit, salt spray, and other environmental elements.

Even though finishing is the last step in the process of creating cast aluminum components, it’s a part of the process that must be considered from the beginning. Our sales and engineering personnel work with customers to match the finish to the intended use of the casting. That information is passed on to our foundry and polishing departments who then work together to make sure that the final product meets spec. Our painstaking attention to detail minimizes waste, reduces finishing time and keeps costs down.

BPI uses a full range of finishing equipment. There are the time-tested belts and buffers. There are also new, high-tech tools, such as our dual-action grinders and stainless steel slinger hanger shot machine. With this machine we can vary the intensity of the shot and index the part’s positioning to achieve a uniform finish.

After finishing is complete, each aluminum casting is closely inspected and carefully packaged by BPI’s professionals. These final steps ensure that the component arrives at the customer’s place of business with the same beautiful finish it had when it left our dock.

There are dozens of reasons that aluminum castings from BPI stand out, from unique design to careful engineering to state-of-the-art casting. But when you open the box and see your new parts, it’ll be the finish that you notice first.