• Engineering and design assistance

    Batesville’s permanent mold casting process allows your final product to have better mechanical properties, less porosity and little scrap. We also offer an unmatched surface that finishes from sand casts can’t provide.

  • In-house machining and finishing

    We give clients a one-stop shop with the capabilities to supply aluminum or zinc castings, machined and finished so products leave our foundry ready for assembly and packaging.

  • Complete permanent mold expertise

    We know the permanent mold casting process from front to back. Our metal casting experts help address design and production challenges specific to your product and its intended use.

See for yourself

Watch this video to get a look inside the foundry, see how the permanent mold casting process is performed and hear from our experts about how we have perfected the science and craft of metalcasting.

Get started with us

If you’re considering a metalcasting project, we can help save your company time, money and resources.
Request a quote here. For other questions and inquires, email us or give us a call. We look forward to talking shop with you.

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