Permanent Mold Casting

Batesville Products has over six and a half decades of manufacturing experience. We offer a full-service aluminum foundry headquartered in St. Lawrenceburg, IN that specializes in permanent mold casting. From complete design assistance and engineering to impressively rapid tooling turnaround, we can handle your custom metal casting needs no matter the industry.

What is Permanent Mold Casting (PMC)?

PMC is a gravity filling mold method of creating custom products and components. A permanent mold is made from metal to help shape the liquid casting metals into the final product. This process, when using hollow molds, is called slush casting. The mold is coated with a refractory product to allow the mold to last multiple uses. Molten metal, like aluminum and zinc, is then put into the mold and cooled enough to keep the shape. When using this process on long, automated equipment keep the process running efficiently and in a cost effective manor.

With PMC, overall dimensional stability can be maintained. Machining allowances are smaller because the finished casting is much closer to the final spec.

Compared to aluminum sand castings, those done in permanent molds have less shrinkage, lower gas porosity, and finer dendrite arm spacing (DAS).

Compared to die casting, permanent mold aluminum casting is less likely to contain entrapped gas.

The result is a denser, stronger, tighter aluminum casting that requires less finishing work. These qualities are consistent throughout the run-up to 50,000 pieces – and regardless of the casting size. Permanent mold cast parts can be as small as a few ounces or as large as 100 pounds or more.

Maximizing the benefits of PMC is hardly child’s play, however. It requires extensive knowledge and understanding of the permanent mold process. BPI has that knowledge and understanding. We’ve been casting metals since 1944 when we were known as the Batesville Ornamental Works. You can rely on us to coax the most from the permanent mold process so that you get superior products at lower net cost.

Permanent Mold Casting Materials

Aluminum A356
ZA5 and ZA12

PMC Process

PMC is an ideal option for creating custom components due to the ability to achieve the exact specifications of a complex shape or design. Our casting process uses metal cores to form the interior passages within a casting, as well as shape the exterior portions of more complex shapes and designs.

During the permanent mold casting process, permanent metal molds are filled with molten metal using gravity or tilt pouring.