Permanent mold casting

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What is permanent mold casting?

Permanent mold casting is a gravity induced method of creating custom metal products and components that are as small as a few ounces or as large as 100-plus pounds.

Permanent mold castings have less shrinkage, lower gas porosity and a denser microstructure than their sand and die casted counterparts.


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Compared to die castings, permanent mold castings are less likely to contain trapped gas, which results in a pressure tight, stronger casting creating fewer obstacles in finishing work, regardless of the size or complexity of the casting.

With permanent mold, a hollow steel mold is coated with a specific refractory product to allow repeatability and consistency over the life of the mold. Liquid metal — in our case, aluminum or zinc — is poured into the mold.




Air escapes from the top of the mold as it fills with molten metal, which takes the shape of our final product with the coolest metal settling to the bottom and the hottest at the top.

We monitor the molten metal as it fills the mold, guarding against unwanted turbulence, thinness or hot spots that could cause weaknesses in the final casting.

The molten metal settles in the mold and cools, beginning a laminar solidification process. The metal’s hydrostatic weight compacts and strengthens the casting as it hardens.

Once the solidification process is complete, the casting is ejected from the mold, already near the dimensions of the final product spec, which minimizes the need for additional secondaries like machining.

Maximizing the benefits of permanent mold casting requires an extensive understanding of the process. Fortunately, we’ve been casting metals since 1946 back when we were known as the Batesville Ornamental Works.

You can rely on that experience to provide a superior product at a lower net cost.


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Casting materials

We specialize in aluminum and zinc permanent mold metal castings, each with its benefits.


The casting qualities offered by one set of aluminum casting alloy, foundry practices and thermal treatments are not always possible under different conditions.

Batesville Products uses aluminum Alloy A356 as our primary metal. Its increased purity sets it above other aluminum alloys. This alloy offers great elongation, strength and ductility.

A356 is best used in structural and complex applications. It is also used as an alternative to 6061 aluminum alloy, one of the most common alloys for general use.

The alloy is corrosion resistant and easily weldable. The material can be heat treated to accelerate the speed of machining and reduce machine tool wear. A356 can be mechanically finished to a shine or electroplated finishes can be added to the casting. Chemical conversion coatings, powder coating, painting and anodizing can also provide casting protection and an aesthetically appealing surface.

We’ve created custom aluminum products for applications like lighting fixtures, medical products, food appliances and high-strength structural parts.


Zinc is a heavier metal often used in household appliances, hand tools, telecommunication devices and where decorative finishes are desired.

We often use a No. 5 zinc alloy, which is readily plated, finished and machined. It’s widely die cast and exhibits excellent characteristics.

ZA12 is the most versatile zinc alloy, combining high performance properties and ease of fabrication for gravity or pressure die casting. When it comes to strength, it’s the best gravity casting alloy for sand, permanent mold and the graphite mold casting process. This alloy offers a sound structure with high elongation and impact properties. ZA12 is plateable and makes an excellent bearing alloy.

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