The best way to metalcast your part design

We've perfected the Permanent Mold Casting process. Trust your design to the people who have been permanent mold casting parts and products for over 75 years.

Companies in the medical device, transportation, food service and utility industries count on Batesville Products to metalcast their ambitious part designs.

Get in-house design and engineering support to ensure manufacturability.
Rely on a fully integrated foundry that machines and finishes onsite.
We're obsessed with your success, even if we're not the best fit for you.

We've been there when it comes to casting products in your industry

We avoid automotive casting on purpose so we can serve you better and more closely.

Get your part cast

Get your part cast as you designed it, with unmatched strength and finish.

There are other metalcasting processes out there, but if your part is 2 - 100 pounds, nothing will give you the tensile strength and finish quality of Batesville's Permanent Mold process.

Way more reliable and better finished than sand casting and more cost effective than die casting, Batesville's Permanent Mold casting process is ideal for medium to high production runs where strength and aesthetics are crucial.

Don't worry about outsourcing machining and finishing - we got you covered.

Not every foundry is a one-stop shop - but Batesville is. We machine, mill, turn, lathe, finish and polish on-site with the latest tools and experienced hands so you don't have to go elsewhere.

Our floor has all of the secondary application your part will need. You only worry about the design, we take care of everything else to get your product to market faster.

Machining and finishing
Design and engineering support

Our experienced design & engineering support ensures your part is manufacturable.

We put your design through several in-house simulations so it will come out just as you intend. And if we see something that needs work, we work with you to get your design where it needs to be for castability.

Our process with you is collaborative. We help you determine where adjustments in your design can be made to get the end result you desire with the most cost effective and efficient cast process possible.

The most advanced aluminum casting methods to make the complex castable.

We utilize every pour method out there - tilt, reverse tilt, dump, and more - to ensure your design comes out ready for assembly or packaging. We thrive meeting your tight deadlines.

We've also developed several proprietary processes that streamline the casting of your design to lower your cost per part and prolong your tooling life.

Advanced casting techniques

We're tried & trusted. For 75 years.

The leading names in medical device, transportation, utility products and food service rely on Batesville Products to deliver.

How Batesville's permanent mold process compares

Metalcasting process Permanent mold Sand casting Die casting
Lead times Short Short Long
Production run Med-Large Small Large
Tooling cost Med-High Low High
Part repeatability Excellent Poor Excellent

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