Telecom & Electrical Equipment Castings

8 Mar 2023

Permanent mold aluminum castings are common in the telecom industry. Here’s why.

Aluminum Transfers Heat

Aluminum conducts heat, which is great news for electrical products! Cast-in ribs, fins, and pins help transfer heat even more.

military tactical supply housing

Here’s a custom power supply housing with special fins and coatings that aid heat transfer.

Aluminum Doesn’t Rust

Aluminum is naturally rust-resistant! Unlike steel, when aluminum is exposed to moist air, it becomes stronger! It forms a tough, protective oxide coating that won’t rust.

This enhances the longevity of products in harsh environments, and helps outdoor products protect important interior electronics. Aluminum castings are durable and strong.

aluminum housing casting

Anodizing or powder coating your aluminum castings can further protect your product from any other forms of corrosion.

Castings are Leak-Proof

Permanent mold castings are dense with low porosity. So what?

This means they are great at keeping water and other unwanted contaminates out.

food machinery casting

Low Porosity Castings

Sand castings or die castings tend to have higher porosity than permanent mold castings, making them like a sponge. For example, a customer came to us with a sand casting they used for large-scale waffle production. Because of the porosity, food particles and cleaners were seeping into the machinery, impacting sanitation and equipment longevity. Low porosity permanent mold castings helped solve leakage problems!

Complex, Accurate Castings

Compared to other casting methods, permanent mold castings hold tight tolerances, which results in a complex, near-net shape product.

If your product requires intricate features, you can add a quick secondary CNC machining operation. This is great to hit those tight details for circuitry and assembly!

security lock aluminum casting

Aluminum’s Electrical Conductivity

Aluminum is highly conductive, making it ideal for overhead power lines and utility poles. While copper and silver are great electrical conductors, aluminum is lower cost, making it the perfect metal for telecommunication equipment.

Electrical & Communication Equipment

For years, the telecommunications industry has been using aluminum in electrical equipment such as housings, enclosures, and even TEMPEST communication equipment.

tempest phone

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