What is TEMPEST Security Shielding?

1 Sep 2021

TEMPEST: Definition and Importance

TEMPEST is a government code word for a “U.S. National Security Agency specification and a NATO certification referring to spying on information systems through leaking emanations, including unintentional radio or electrical signals, sounds, and vibrations.”

Most of TEMPEST refers to protecting electromagnetic radiation (EMR), or common communication signals such as radio waves, that may contain classified information.

Graph of electromagnetic radiation waves

Lack of TEMPEST security shielding may lead to compromising emanations or compromising emissions. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, compromising emanations are “unintentional signals that, if intercepted and analyzed, would disclose the information transmitted, received, handled, or otherwise processed by telecommunications or information systems equipment.”

TEMPEST Manufacturing

To combat interference with classified emanations, the US has developed enclosures that protect important EMR.

TEMPEST proof shielding is important in US defense applications, such as military communication protection.

Other TEMPEST solutions include cybersecurity products such as specialized computers, telephones, printers, video systems, and network equipment.

aluminum housing casting

The Power of Aluminum in TEMPEST Shielding

Aluminum metal can shield devices because it blocks electromagnetic radiation waves, such as radio waves. This keeps communications private and safe.

At Batesville Products, we have the potential to create permanent mold aluminum castings, such as communication housings, that can be used as a TEMPEST solution. Our in-house inspection and testing department will work with your team to ensure every part meets your specified requirements.

Permanent mold casting is a cost-effective way to create repeatable, near-net shape products. With the options of machining, polishing, and coating/plating, you can create housings that mimic phones, computers, and other IT equipment, but with the EMR security of an aluminum casing.

aluminum casting

TEMPEST Certification

The National Security Agency and Department of Defense have set standards for protecting classified information. The NSA created TEMPEST certification programs to further establish requirements:

  • The Certified TEMPEST Manufacturer Program
  • The Certified Test Services Program

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