High quality products of aluminum and zinc alloy permanent mold castings and finishing services

  • Permanent mold casting is a process in which molten metal fills the
    permanent metal molds using gravity and tilt pouring.
  • The five steps involved in the casting process include: Mold Preparation, Mold
    Assembly / Core Insertion, Pouring, Cooling / Opening, and Trimming / Finish.
    Every step of this process must be optimized to avoid production risk.

“Again, your team did a bang up job getting the molds built on time incorporating all the changes the parts look great!”

Short lead times of 6-8 weeks compared to 10-14 at other permanent mold shops

  • Our aluminum castings designs are created in SolidWorks 3D CAD software
    to provide both quality and accurate parts.
  • We mitigate risks through the design process utilizing Finite Element Analysis
    and Computational Fluid Dynamic software as well as thermal imaging and
    robotic sawing to streamline the processes.
  • To ensure expertise and the necessary resources, we pre-qualify our
    toolmaking vendors for every approach.

“I’ve worked in and around foundries my whole life and have never
seen a facility or team perform like yours.  We would ultimately like
BPI to run all our aluminum castings.”

Certified and verified to meet exact and quality specifications

  • As an aluminum casting company, It is vital to pay close attention to the individual characteristics and properties of each material and their application; therefore, Batesville offers engineering assistance to consult on the ideal material to use for your custom aluminum castings/products. This creates quality machining and quality finishing.

Let us help you with your casting questions!

Before you hang up the phone, we can help determine the size, volume, and intricacy of the part you are wanting, if it is a new or existing project, how our capabilities can help you, and get prints and models of the product(s) to look at and review.