Custom Metal Casting Services

Batesville Products specializes in custom aluminum and zinc alloy castings using the permanent mold process. During the permanent mold casting process, permanent metal molds are filled with molten metal using gravity or tilt pouring. The process involves five steps: Mold Preparation, Mold Assembly / Core Insertion, Pouring, Cooling / Opening, and Trimming / Finish. Every step of the permanent mold casting process must be optimized to avoid production risk. Therefore, we take every step necessary to deliver a high value product, included complete engineering and design assistance.

Our castings designs are created in SolidWorks 3D CAD software to provide both quality and accurate parts. To ensure expertise and the necessary resources, we pre-qualify our toolmaking vendors for every approach. The result of working closely with our toolmakers allows short lead times of 6-8 weeks at BPI compared to 10-14 weeks at other permanent mold shops.

Tilt Pour Process – The Best Way

Materials for Casting Services

Batesville Products specializes in aluminum and zinc alloy permanent mold castings and finishing services. Our aluminum and zinc materials are certified and verified to meet exact and quality specifications. It is vital to pay close attention to the individual characteristics and properties of each material and their application; therefore, Batesville offers engineering assistance to consult on the ideal material to use for your custom components
Through the permanent mold process, we are able to hold tight tolerances and consistent wall thicknesses while creating a superior finish.
Our engineers will work intimately with you to understand your goals and the subtleties required to meet those goals.
At BPI, we prequalify our toolmakers to ensure short lead times while remaining consistent in meeting customers’ expectations.