Transforming Off-the-Shelf to Custom Product

21 Nov 2023

Companies are always looking for innovative ways to improve their products and stay competitive.

One way to do that? Transform every aspect of your product line into a one-of-a-kind customized solution- exactly what your customers are looking for.

Custom Control Box Housing

This customer is a prominent player in the weight measurement and control industry. Their products are commonly used in aggregate, mining, agriculture, logistics, and other industrial applications.

They partnered with Batesville Products to manufacture this control box. This product serves as a central hub for data collection and processing, user interface, and system control.

custom casting

From Off-the-Shelf to Branded Box

The customer was using an off-the-shelf control box for their weighing system. But they needed a better solution that would suit their specific needs and set them apart from competitors.

Their vision was to create a custom control box that was not only unique to their product but also perfectly fit all their custom components. It was time to transition from using generic, readily available housing to a highly customized, branded solution.

The One-Stop Solution

To bring their vision into reality, they partnered with Batesville Products. They needed a one-stop-shop that could supply and manage all their manufacturing needs – casting, machining, polishing, and finishing.

Custom Design, Tooling & Casting

First, we reverse engineered the box they were currently using. With this starting point, the customer could identify what they wanted – necessary features to add, unnecessary features to remove, and a uniquely branded “look” to their product. Ultimately, they designed a custom solution that enhanced their product line.

With this design, we built a permanent mold tool. Then, we cast each half of the box. Since function and aesthetics are important for this product, we used the tilt-pour method to create low-porosity aluminum castings. This ensured a dense casting that would protect the internal mechanisms and a smooth surface to provide the look of a professional product.

Precision Machining

After casting, the control box underwent CNC machining. This ensured that the box’s dimensions, features, and openings were in exact alignment with the weighing control system’s needs.

The best part? The customer didn’t have to deal with scheduling and balancing multiple suppliers. It was all done in-house.

In-House Polishing

Polishing was an essential step to achieve a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing finish. This ensured the control box was not just functional but also visually appealing.

Polishing is a necessary prep step if you plan on powder coating your product. It ensures a smooth and even coating.

Professional Finish

Finally, to provide an extra layer of protection and brand identity, the control box integrator underwent powder coating. This process not only enhanced the box’s durability but also allowed for custom branding, thus making it a unique and distinguishable competitor.

Result: A Control Box That Sets Them Apart

The transition from off-the-shelf components to custom casting and manufacturing yielded several remarkable benefits.

cast housing enclosure

Improved Performance & Practicality

The custom design is the right size with the right features. The control box seamlessly houses all high tech components that make their product special.

The new design revolutionized the interface, removed unnecessary features, added features to improve user experience, and improved space usage. It’s perfectly tailored to the company’s custom needs and requirements.

Brand Identity & Aesthetic Appeal

The customized branding on the control box integrator serves as a powerful branding tool, helping the company establish a distinct identity in the market.

The polished and powder-coated finish not only increases durability but also enhances the visual appeal of the weighing control system.

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