Steel Weldment into Aluminum Casting

24 Jul 2023

Medical Customer

This customer manufactures medical equipment, requiring high-quality parts like this hospital cart base.

medical cart base

The Challenge

This medical cart base was originally produced as a steel weldment. The customer was looking for a better, more cost-effective way to manufacture their medical carts.

The Solution

The customer worked closely with our engineering department to redesign the weldment into a single, structurally-sound casting.

From Steel to Aluminum

The cart base was converted from steel to medical-grade A356 aluminum. Aluminum is known for being lightweight, low-porosity, and having a fine grain structure and high quality surface finish. These qualities make aluminum ideal for the medical industry!

From Weldment to Casting

Switching the manufacturing method provided several benefits. Fabrications are time and labor intensive, driving a high cost for complex products.

Permanent mold castings are more structurally sound, repeatable, and efficient than weldments. There were no more ugly, weak joints where pieces are welded together.

High-Quality Finish

The casting was machined and powder coated to ensure a flawless finish to match the aesthetics of the hospital cart. The completed base was delivered to the customer fully ready for assembly.

The Outcome

The customer saved money by switching from fabrication to permanent mold, because of how labor intensive welding is.

The customer was also satisfied with the cosmetics of their new part. The coated casting looked cleaner and more professional than a welded base.

Overall, the customer received a higher-quality, structurally sound, repeatable product at a better price.

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