Mirror Buffing Zinc Castings

9 Aug 2023

What is Mirror Buffing?

Mirror buffing is a multi-step polishing process that creates a smooth and reflective surface on a zinc casting.

fire truck sirens

Mirror Buff Aluminum vs. Zinc

It much more cost effective and efficient to mirror buff zinc than aluminum.

Mirror buffing aluminum is a slower, more labor intensive process. If the polisher goes too fast, the aluminum will get too hot and line defects will appear.

Advantages of Mirror Buff

There are two reasons to mirror buff zinc castings: looks and performance.

1. Enhanced Aesthetics

Mirror buff polishing creates a shiny surface on the zinc casting, enhancing its aesthetics. This makes the casting more visually appealing and can add value to the finished product.

For example, we mirror buff fire truck sirens to match the look of the fire engine.

2. Improved Performance

A smooth and polished surface reduces friction and is less prone to corrosion and wear. This can improve the casting’s performance and extend the life span of the casting.

Disadvantages of Mirror Buff

A mirror polish is difficult to achieve. It requires a considerably skilled professional, lots of time and heavy labor. Therefore, mirror buffing is expensive and uncommon.

Alternatives to Mirror Buff

Learn more about casting finishing options.

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