Find Your Finish Flowchart

22 Aug 2022

How should I finish my casting?

With so many finishing options, how do you choose? Custom parts require custom solutions. This simple flowchart will help you start to find your ideal finish.

polishing infographic flow chart

7 Finishing Solutions

There are 7 common ways we finish aluminum and zinc castings:

1. As Cast Surface

Permanent mold products have a high quality surface finish out of the mold, so they do not always require a finishing operation. This is one way a permanent mold casting can save you money!

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2. Grit Belt Polishing

We use various grit strengths to give castings a finer surface.

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3. Stainless Steel Shot Blast

This creates a consistent, textured surface.

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4. Mirror Buff or Plated

This process makes parts, especially zinc products, extremely reflective.

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5. Powder Coat or Paint

This common finish creates a colorful, stand-out product.

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6. Chromate

Chromated parts can be colorful and are highly conductive.

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7. Anodize

Anodized products are not only colorful, but also receive extra protection. They are corrosion resistant, oxidation resistant, and highly insulated.

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Still can’t decide?

Give us a call. We cast, machine, and polish permanent mold aluminum and zinc castings every day. Our casting experts will be happy to assist with your project!

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