Customer Saves Time & Money by Switching to Permanent Mold

11 Jul 2022

The Customer

This worldwide, multi-billion dollar company in the food and beverage industry was looking to improve a part used to serve customers at over 30,000 locations.

The Challenge

This part was originally manufactured as welded fabrication of individually machined parts. The customer needed a new supplier who could cut costs, save time, and produce a stronger part.


food industry metal casting

The Solution

We turned this part into a single casting with one machining operation on a 4-axis CNC horizontal mill, making the manufacturing process more efficient.

The Outcome

The single casting made the part more structurally sound and repeatable than the welded fabrication.

While the customer received a higher quality product, the product became cheaper to manufacture, saving the customer money. Therefore, the customer quickly saw a return on investment on their tooling costs.

The part became more efficient to manufacture and less labor intensive by forgoing welding and individual machining operations.

save time and money with permanent mold

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