Hairline Cracks in Sand Casting Disappear in Permanent Mold Process

25 Apr 2022

The Customer

This customer is in the transportation industry, requiring pieces like this blade of a 72” locomotive fan.

fan blade casting

The Challenge

The customer came to us because they were experiencing issues with their current supplier. The part was being sand cast, and the customer was receiving parts with hairline cracks where the base meets the blade.

The Solution

By switching to a permanent mold process, we alleviated their concerns of hairline fractures.


The heart of the solution was in the casting method.

Turbulence in the metal flow during sand casting caused hairline cracks. By performing a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and implementing a tilt-pour method, we identified the best way to cast the part with as little turbulence as possible.

While the sand foundry was casting from the tip, we flipped the mold upside down and fed the molten metal through the thick base.

The Outcome

The customer saved time and money by switching from sand casting to permanent mold. Instead of receiving nonconforming parts, they received strong blades.

fan blade case study

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