Secondary Services

Quality machining is a responsibility shared between both machinists and programmers.

In today’s technological environments, we don’t look at quality machining as a separate process. At BPI, machining, engineering, casting and finishing are all part of the complete process of delivering quality aluminum and zinc castings to our customers. By planning the entire production sequence from the start and integrating all the operations into one seamless flow, we’re able to reduce development time, material waste, and final cost.

Click on the Machining link to find out more about how we consider the importance of quality machining from both our machinists, as well as our programmers.

Plus, a quality finish consists of more than aesthetics. The finish determines wear characteristics, slip resistance, and how well a cast aluminum part resists the ravages of wind-driven grit, salt spray, and other environmental elements. You want a substantially good, quality finish.

Though finishing is the last step in the process of creating cast aluminum components, it’s a key step that must be considered from the very beginning.

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4-axis, high-precision machines and turning centers
Diversified options of finishing applications

These steps are all part of our history. Our aluminum castings experience spans many industries and is backed by a team committed to quality, customer satisfaction, innovative engineering, and dedication to our craft. Our primary strength is our ability to work closely with our customers from initial concept through full production of castings.